We at Knight Associates like to call our values, vision and mission ‘Our Promise’. Closely aligned with our strategy, Our Promise aims to inspire client confidence in the capabilities and standards of the services provided.

Our mission is our specific task and assignment needed to win the business and create value for our clients. Our values are our principles, our beliefs, and our standards. Our vision is about how we see the future, and how we can turn these principles into the results needed by our clients.


Our Mission

With a passion for the basic human right of safety and security, Knight Associates provides an exceptional standard of bespoke solutions to sensitive international security issues on land and at sea, utilising its established network of verified subject matter experts.


Our Values

Professionalism – Maintaining the expectations of outstanding competence and excellence.

Confidence – Inspiring trust through consistent reliability.

Integrity – Undiminished in our adherence to the highest moral and ethical principles.


Our Vision

Knight Associates aims to consistently strive toward the endless pursuit of excellence, and continue to achieve the trust and respect of our clients — by ensuring that we provide value-added, timely, and secure solutions to the security issues that trouble them.


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