Irish reporter attacked in Yemen

Unknown gunmen have attempted to assassinate an Irish journalist working in the Yemeni capital, eyewitnesses told Arabstoday on Wednesday.

Irish journalist Iona Craig

Irish journalist Iona Craig

 Eyewitnesses informed Arabstoday the journalist, Iona Craig, came under fire as she returned in a taxi from a rally organised by supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa.

 Witnesses said bullets narrowly missed Craig’s head having come through the vehicle’s windows.

 The gunmen fled the scene immediately afterwards.

 Craig, Yemen correspondent at The Times and freelance reporter for USA Today and UAE’s The National, tweeted after the incident: “Just been shot at whilst in a taxi on Silah. Bullet narrowly missed drivers and my head smashed windows. Cut from broken glass but Ok [sic].”

 “I and taxi driver are fine,” the Irish national continued. “Sad day when you have to worry about people taking pot-shots at you just driving down the road.”

Official sources have yet to comment on the incident.

Source: Arabs Today

By: Tom Rollins, London

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