ReCAAP Piracy Report 1H2015 

Recaap Piracy ReportReCAAP Piracy Report for 1H2015 has shown an increase in the number of incidents, with 106 incidents in South East Asia (SEA), an increase of 18% year on year.

The 1H2015 ReCAAP Piracy Report and statistical breakdown, in pdf format,  can be found HERE.

Of the 106 incidents, 6 were reported as attempted incidents, with the remainder reported as actual incidents.

Knight Associates notes that while 10 incidents were reported as “very severe incidents of ship fuel/oil syphoning and hijacking”, the majority of incidents are reported as “minimum significant” petty theft – numbering 62 incidents.

  • The majority of incidents occurred in the eastbound Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)
  • Incidents in Singapore Straits are more in numbers but relatively less severe compared to Malacca Straits
  • More than 50% of vessels targeted are bulk carriers


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