Covert Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Sources: CHIS


Knight Associates provides an exceptional standard of bespoke security solutions on land and sea, including a unique service which focuses on the ethical utilisation of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources’ (CHIS).

Covert Human Intelligence Sources Covert Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Source - CHIS. Undercover Infiltration Investigation Methods. High Net-Worth, Asset, Surveillance, Reputational Damage

The benefits of using CHIS are varied: HUMINT

    Limit the threat of human impact on high net-worth individuals; their people, assets, information, and reputation

    Extra safeguarding of operational risk

    Demonstrate an organisation’s willingness to go beyond the standard regulatory and legal requirement of internal audit

    Assist investigations of malpractice, internal fraud, intellectual property theft, insider trading, and conflicts of interest

    Allow for deeper background screening and detailed executive searches

    Provide feedback from the “shop-floor” and assist management in making the most of its work force

    Assist public authorities working within the National Intelligence Model (NIM), or simply enhance an organisation’s existing      whistle-blower policy


Knight Associates – CHIS Five-Stage Process HUMINT


In order to accommodate clients’ requirements, Knight Associates has devised a fluid model which allows for the creation of bespoke CHIS deployments:


    Stage 1: Initially, through thorough consultation with clients of senior management, boards of directors, and high net-worth individuals, Knight Associates will develop a clear understanding of the individual client’s requirements.

    Stage 2: A process of due diligence will then begin, which may include overt or covert background screening, open source intelligence research, a surveillance or the use of technical equipment.


At this point, Knight Associates may have already accommodated the client’s requirement and presented its findings as a detailed, factual, third-party report. However, it may be necessary to continue with the provision of a CHIS tactic. Therefore;


    Stage 3: Approach a potential CHIS or identify a suitable Knight Associates specialist undercover operative.

    Stage 4: Once Knight Associates has secured an established CHIS recruit, a thorough application will be written to the Head of Operational Ethics (HOE) to assess various factors including the necessity, proportionality, and associated risks for the use and conduct of the deployment, any community impacts, any relevant law, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

    Stage 5: Upon the HOE’s authorization of the use and conduct of a CHIS, he or she will be deployed. Knight Associates will then work closely with the CHIS to achieve set taskings.

    Outcome: Knight Associates provides the client with robust, reliable, time-critical information which will facilitate informed business or personal decisions.


Knight Associates – CHIS Operational Framework HUMINT


Knight Associates works in accordance with best practices on all contracts, and works very closely within the public sector’s Covert Human Intelligence Source Codes of Practice pursuant to Section 71 of the Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).

By definition, a person is a CHIS if:

a) he establishes or maintains a personal or other relationship with a person for the covert purpose of facilitating the doing of anything falling within paragraph b) or c);

 b) he covertly uses such a relationship to obtain information or to provide access to any information to another person; or

 c) he covertly discloses information obtained by the use of such a relationship or as a consequence of the existence of such a relationship.


2.2. A relationship is established or maintained for a covert purpose if and only if it is conducted in a manner that is calculated to ensure that one of the parties to the relationship is unaware of the purpose.


2.3. A relationship is used covertly, and information obtained is disclosed covertly, if and only if the relationship is used or the information is disclosed in a manner that is calculated to ensure that one of the parties to the relationship is unaware of the use or disclosure in question.


(UK Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act 2000)

The day-to-day management of every CHIS and the associated documentation runs parallel (where feasible) to the procedures set out by UK Police Authorities which are inspected by the Office of Surveillance Commissioners (OSC).


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