Private Investigator & Due Diligence Case Study


Private Investigator, Private Investigations, Due Diligence, Security, Covert, RIPA, Whistleblower, Matrimonial, Counterfeit, Black Market, Fraud, EspionageA high net-worth private investor required a deep background check, lifestyle report and full due diligence conducted on an individual that they were considering entering sensitive business with.             .

Utilising professional private investigators specialising in human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering, a range of investigation methods including the use of undercover operatives were utilised to formulate a comprehensive background report on the business and lifestyle routines and choices of the targeted individual.

Using the evidence gained in the submitted investigation report, the client recognised that his potential business partner was engaged in activities that were seen to be contrary to that of the client’s own business and lifestyle ethics, which if made public at a later date, could have had the effect of damaging business reputation and customer confidence.



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