With a proven and successful international track record, Knight Associates Ltd is capable of supplying maritime risk management consultancy, solutions and training to private and corporate clients for a range of anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, and counter-criminal maritime issues.


Commercial Shipping Operators

Maritime Security (MarSec) anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, counter-criminal, Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Asia, Malacca Strait, Indian Ocean, UK, USA, UAE, Singapore

Training SBM in vessel defence, drills & procedures

Whilst the intervention of international military navies and privately contracted armed guard services are having a profound impact on the threat of piracy-related activities, we at Knight Associates passionately believe in empowering commercial shipping operators with the knowledge, ability and training to conduct business activity within High Risk Areas.

By implementing the value-added services offered by Knight Associates, commercial shipping operators can ensure that their management, vessels and crews are prepared and self-sufficient to mitigate and cope with the business and physical risks posed by international maritime piracy, robbery and terrorism.

Consultancy: Ship Operator Senior Management and Board consultancy towards the policy of strategic piracy/robbery/terrorism risk mitigation and defences

Audit: Vessel and crew audits to Quality Management System standards

Maritime Security (MarSec) anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, counter-criminal, Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Asia, Malacca Strait, Indian Ocean, UK, USA, UAE, Singapore

Improvised vessel hardening

Training: Land-based staff and sea-going crew training in maritime risk mitigation and anti-piracy/robbery/terrorism procedures, to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and ISPS standards. Training can be standardised throughout the fleet, and in line with company policy.

Mentoring: Embarkation of anti-piracy Subject Matter Expert consultants as operational advisors for transits through the internationally recognised High Risk Areas

Security: Due diligence of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) for commercial ship operators, owners, and management companies. Ensuring  that the skills, equipment, and capabilities of embarked armed guard teams are to the standards promised.

New-build & Design: Audit and consultancy for vessels in design or new-build phase, in order to implement cost-effective defensive measures at shipyard phase, complimentary to normal safe working conditions and all SOLAS regulations

Citadel: Concept design & implementation

Ship Security Plan (SSP) audits


Ship Security Assessment (SSA)  implementation

favicon     Port facility security assessments


Private Clients

Yacht owners in today’s world face a diversity of threats that range from theft, physical security and privacy issues, to that of international maritime piracy.

Qualified and experienced Consultants will assist yacht owners with the provision of yacht security assessments to ISPS Code standards, recommendations, implementations and training.

Through its Protective Services provision, Knight Associates offers the services of Executive and Dignitary Close Protection for embarked persons, using qualified bodyguard personnel with a professional maritime security background.


Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT)

Utilising experienced and qualified former Special Forces personnel, Knight Associates will conduct consultancy and implementations to mitigate the business continuity and physical risk of maritime terrorism.


MarSec Equipment & Supplies Advisory Services

Knight Associates can offer impartial advice and guidance on the specifications, requirements and supply options for specialist MarSec equipment that includes (but is not limited to):

Non-lethal defensive weapon options (e.g. hand-held laser devices)

Vessel defensive and hardening equipment

Blast and ballistic protection (e.g. bespoke hardened designs, composite armour and blast/ballistic window film)

Tracking, alarm, video and communication devices



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