With a proven and successful track record in bespoke international high-risk taskings, and a specialism in low-profile solutions, Knight Associates can provide assured protective services to ensure the safety of individuals, assets and reputation, whilst allowing you to continue business and life with the minimum impact and maximum peace of mind.


Personal Close Protection
Executive Protection, bodyguard, security, asset protection, reconaissance, Close Protection, PPO, Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment, high net-worth

Low Profile Protection Task (Cyprus)

Knight Associates can provide Close Executive Protection (bodyguard) services to private individuals and family members, executive employees, VIPs, and Dignitaries. In close consultation with the client and making risk assessments sensitive to their needs, Knight Associates will provide the required personnel and effective resources commensurate to the threat perceived.

Knight Associates specialises in a bespoke ‘low profile’ approach to Close Executive Protection so that the planning and execution phases of taskings ensure maximum risk mitigation and minimum impact on normal daily activities.

Close Executive Protection (bodyguard) services include (but are not exclusive to):

Individual, pairs or team application of protective personnel

National and international travel assistance to those visiting regions perceived to be remote and/or potentially hostile

Bodyguard protection for those at risk from assault or intimidation

Meet and greet services

Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment & Reconnaissance Services
Executive Protection, bodyguard, security, asset protection, reconaissance, Close Protection, PPO, Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment, high net-worth

Area Risk Assessment (Bogota, Colombia)

With an ethos of bespoke and proactive protective provisions, Knight Associates specialist security consultants will assess the risks and potential threats posed to your safe havens and security mechanisms.

Residential Security: ensuring that your home, property or Estate is protected to the level required by you.

Location and area threat/risk assessments: Prior to travelling and/or working in remote and/or hostile environments, former specialist military security personnel can conduct intensive reconnaissance and assessments of specific locations and/or areas (e.g. hotels, meeting buildings, travel routes, country/city areas)

High Net-Worth Asset Protection and Transportation

Knight Associates offers overt and covert high net-worth asset protection.

Protection of Company assets on behalf of receivers during a time of potentially hostile takeovers.

Site machinery and equipment during controversial and/or sensitive work.

Unoccupied residencies.

Precious stones and jewelry.



For the protective and covert transportation of high net-worth assets, Knight Associates will provide specialist protection personnel and can liaise with relevant police authorities whilst travelling through jurisdictions.

Discrete Exfiltration of Personnel from Remote and/or Hostile and Potentially Hostile Environments

Knight Associates can provide the service of overt or covert exfiltration for individuals, family members or employees from remote and/or hostile and potentially hostile environments, ensuring their safe extraction, transportation and relocation to a country and/or area of safety. Read more about our Travel Security Management Services here.


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