A designated Case Manager will handle, assess, collate and package all evidence gained into a report format for the client. All covert surveillance is conducted according to the guidelines of RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000). All evidence collated is admissible in a court of law.


Covert Surveillance

Using trained experienced Operatives and Teams, Knight Associates can provide covert surveillance methods to gaining information and intelligence, providing a full range of video, photographic and audio evidence.

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Covert Surveillance Task

Covert surveillance can be conducted by personnel on foot, or in a range of low-profile vehicles.

Static surveillance methods can ensure that evidence is gained from static positions not conducive to the presence of mobile personnel (e.g. concealed in a building or in the back of a covertly equipped van, within the range of the selected target).

Covert Rural Observations Posts (CROPs) is a specialist provision that allows former military surveillance experts to covertly conceal themselves into a rural ‘hide’ position in order to gain video and photographic evidence from within an environment out of the scope of generic covert surveillance methods. Examples for the use of a CROP would be for observing areas of fly-tipping, suspected illegal operations of a warehouse, or within a client’s own private estate.


With the expertise utilised in the surveillance skills and capabilities of Knight Associates, we are leading providers in the service of counter-surveillance, determining whether an individual or organisation is the target of hostile surveillance or investigation.

Our deployed counter-surveillance teams will target the threat from surveillance and work with the client on mitigating that threat.

Protective (Stand-Off) Surveillance

Protective surveillance teams (also known as stand-off surveillance teams) offer the reassurance of observing a client, family member, employee, residence or area with the aim of activating Protective Services or police authorities at the time of identifying a potential or known threat.

Covert Vehicle & Asset GPS/GSM Tracking

Using Global Positioning Satellite systems and technologies, Knight Associates can covertly track vehicles 24/7, with a detailed, documented and recorded report of all movements made by the vehicle and locations visited.

Covert trackers can be placed discretely on any vehicle by our teams, and do not require entry to inside the vehicle.

Previous clients have included private individuals wishing to record the movements of target vehicles and commercial clients wishing to monitor the use of fleet vehicles.

Read more about our Tracking & Monitoring services here.

Electronic Surveillance & Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Knight Associates can deploy a range of covert audio and visual recording devices which can be used to collect evidence from enclosed areas (e.g. private residences, hotel rooms, meeting rooms and vehicles).

TSCM (also known as ‘debugging’) is a specialist service that conducts technical sweeps to identify against the threat of electronic surveillance devices.

Undercover Operative Infiltration

Our professional and experienced Undercover Operatives at Knight Associates can be deployed to infiltrate your own or target workplace environments to identify suspected illegal activity or malpractice.

Undercover Operatives can also be deployed within a public environment to build relationships with targeted individuals with a view to establish lifestyle due diligence. Read more about ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources’ (CHIS) here.


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