Knight Associates offers the provision of bespoke tracking, monitoring and alert services for the independent traveller, executive, employee, high net-worth individual, or family member, thus offering peace of mind and security compliance.

Knight Associates work with you to ensure that when conducting international travel, you can plan for risk mitigation and Protective Services commensurate to the threat of a region visited. It is no longer only senior executives who are vulnerable to crime and corruption. Kidnappings (including child kidnapping), blackmail and extortion affect everyday families, business travellers, tourists and private individuals alike.

Utilising cutting-edge technologies, Knight Associates will provide compact, lightweight personal tracking devices that can track it’s carrier globally through satellite and GSM. The integrated ‘Panic Button’ gives the carrier the ability to send a distress signal, pin-pointing their exact position, at the time of an incident.  From a dedicated 24-hour Operations Room, Knight Associates will monitor a device’s global location, able to immediately activate an agreed Crisis Management Plan.


Personal Tracker (GSM)

A compact personal tracker with an integral panic button and one-way SOS voice call function. Ideal for travellers in areas of GSM coverage.


Personal Tracker (GPS)

A handheld personal tracker that operates over the Iridium satellite network. Provides reliable global tracking with an integral panic alarm and text messaging capability.


Satellite Phone Tracker

An Iridium satellite phone with an inbuilt GPS tracking function & panic alarm. This is perfectly suited to travellers working outside cellular coverage.


Smartphone Tracker

Utilising a specialist application, this service provides a tracking, panic alarm, check-in and text capability through an individuals iPhone, Android or BlackBerry handsets.


Dedicated Monitoring & Response

Monitoring and recording from a dedicated 24/7 Operations Room, Knight Associates will monitor all registered devices via it’s web-based tracking platform. This provides a single, simultaneous picture of client movement & status. Device locations are plotted on a digital map screen and alarms are received in near-real time via onscreen notifications and automatic forwarding by text & email. Operations Room staff can augment the situational picture using map marking and geo-fencing.

On receiving a device alarm and/or voice call, Knight Associates will immediately activate the agreed Crisis Management Plan, contacting all designated response personnel, and sending assistance to the device carriers location.

Our web-based monitoring platforms are capable of monitoring multiple devices simultaniously, therefore ensuring the safety, whereabouts and accountability for numerous individuals.

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Other Tracking Capabilities

Knight Associates also provides tracking monitoring and alerts provisions for:

      Maritime vessel tracking

      Vehicle and asset tracking


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