Utilising recognised and qualified Subject Matter Experts, Knight Associates can facilitate bespoke workshop and training sessions for private and corporate clients internationally.


Strategic & Operational Maritime Security (MarSec)

Bespoke or IMO (International Maritime Organization) Model Courses on piracy-specific and generic MarSec for land-based and sea-faring individuals and employees.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

HEAT Courses provide the knowledge, training and preparation for those expected to travel, operate or work within remote and/or hostile environments abroad. These courses are open to private individuals and freelance journalists or corporate and media organisations, NGOs, and registered charities whose employees are expected to be exposed to the risks of a foreign country.


Specialist bespoke counter-terrorism courses are designed for corporate companies whose organisations and employees are potentially exposed to the threat of domestic or international terrorism. All courses are taught by former UK Special Forces military consultants.

First Aid

First Aid courses will train and empower individuals and employees with the skills and knowledge to administer emergency care to themselves and others. Courses range from Basic to First Aid in Hostile Environments, or specific to the environment operated within.


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