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 On 21st April 2015, the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued an updated warning to British (and Western) nationals in Saudi Arabia, to the threat of terrorism against Aramco oil installations and shopping malls.


travel advisory foreign-office-logo“There is a heightened threat from terrorism. Attacks could be indiscriminate, affecting western (including British) interests and places visited by foreigners. Opportunistic attacks on Saudi or western targets are also possible.

There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

There are regular posts on jihadist websites encouraging attacks against British and other western interests, including teachers, schools and oil workers; other groups could be targeted. On 21 April, the Saudi Ministry of Interior advised on its website that security forces had been placed on alert following reports of a threat to Aramco oil installations and shopping malls throughout the Kingdom. In recent months there have been attacks on US, Danish and Canadian citizens in Saudi Arabia, in one case with fatal consequences. You should remain vigilant and alert to local security developments, and take suitable security precautions to enhance your safety.

You should take great care in all areas close to the Iraq border.”


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